The Avett Brothers- Favourite lyrics.

“…I’m as nowhere as I can be,

Could you add some somewhere to me?”

-The Avett Brothers, Salina

“It won’t take long for me

To tell you who I am.

Well you hear this voice right now

Well that’s pretty much all I am.”

-The Avett Brothers, Gimmeakiss

“I want to have friends that I can trust,

who love me for the man I’ve become…

not the man that I was.”

 -The Avett Brothers.

“So if you could find it in your heart

To give a man a second start

I promise things won’t end the same.”

-The Avett Brothers

“But I can tell by watching you

That there’s no chance of pushing through

The odds are so against us

You know most young love, it ends like this.”

-The Avett Brothers, I Would Be Sad

“I am sick of wanting

And it’s evil how it’s got me

And every day is worse

Than the one before.”

-The Avett Brothers, Ill With Want

“Your heart says not again

What kind of mess have you got me in?

But when the feeling’s there

It can lift you up and take you anywhere.”

-The Avett Brothers, Living of Love

“You can’t be like me

But be happy that you can’t

I see pain but I don’t feel it

I am like the old Tin Man.”

-The Avett Brothers, Tin Man

“I wanna have friends

that will let me be

All alone when being alone

is all that I need.”

-The Avett Brothers, The Perfect Space

“A slight figure of speech

I cut my chest wide open

They come and watch us bleed

Is it art like I was hoping now?”

-The Avett Brothers, Slight Figure of Speech

“She puts her hands against

the life she had.

Living with ignorance,

Blissful and sad.

But nobody knows what lies behind

The days before the day we die.”

-The Avett Brothers, Die Die Die

“Who cares about tomorrow?

What more is tomorrow,

Than another Day?”

-The Avett Brothers, Swept Away

“With paranoia on my heels

Will you love me still

When we awake and you see that

The sanity has gone from my eyes?”

-The Avett Brothers, Paranoia in B Flat Major

”Shooting off vicious

collections of words

The losers make facts

by the things they have heard

And I find myself

trying hard to defend them.”

-The Avett Brothers, All my mistakes

“And I know you need me in the next room over

But I am stuck in here all paralyzed.”

-The Avett Brothers, 10,000 words

“Forever I will move like the world that turns

beneath me

And when I lose my direction, I’ll look up to the


And when the black cloak drags upon the ground

I’ll be ready to surrender, and remember

Well we’re all in this together

If I live the life I’m given, I won’t be scared to


-The Avett Brothers, Once and Future Carpenter

“If I get murdered in the city

don’t go revengin’ in my name

One person dead from such is plenty

No need to go get locked away.”

-The Avett Brothers, Murder in the City

“Close the laundry door

Tiptoe across the floor

Keep your clothes on

I got all that I can take

Teach me how to use

The love that people say you made.”

-The Avett Brothers, Laundry Room

“Ain’t it like most people

I’m no different

We love to talk on things

We don’t know about.”

-The Avett Brothers, 10,000 words

“Well I’ve been locking myself up in my house for some time now

Reading and writing and reading and thinking

and searching for reasons and missing the seasons

The Autumn, the Spring, the Summer, the snow

The record will stop and the record will go

Latches latched the windows down,

the dog coming in and the dog going out

Up with caffeine and down with the shot

Constantly worried about what I’ve got

Distracted by work but I can’t make it stop

and my confidence on and my confidence off

And I sink to the bottom I rise to the top

and I think to myself that I do this a lot

World outside just goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes…”

-The Avett Brothers, Talk on Indolence

“Don’t say it’s over

‘Cause that’s the worst news I

could hear I swear that I will

Do my best to be here

just the way you like it

Even though it’s hard to hide

Push my feelings all aside

I will rearrange my plans and

change for you.”

-The Avett Brothers, If it’s the Beaches

“But when I think

I just might get something

Out of this

My parents taught me to learn

When I miss

Just do your best

Just do your best.”

-The Avett Brothers, When I drink


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