The Cat Noise

It’s been raining on & off from last week, leaving me to enjoy this beautiful weather, all alone. ;( Don’t get me wrong… I am not the type who would cry day and night for being single. But…) These beautiful weather days, sometimes, do make you wish to have someone in their life… specially, when you hear “The Cat Noise”. Yes, you read it right. :-/ And I am super jealous of her. (That bitch!)

So, here is the story. I have a black stray cat living in my street. From last 2-3 nights, I was hearing a soft baby crying/screaming during day time and night. ( Did you know, a cat sounds so much like a human when it is crying?) I kept thinking, damn, who in the hell had a new baby in the street recently and why don’t they make him stop, feed the baby or put him to sleep. :-/ But then one day I caught a glimpse of that black cat. I thought that she was hungry, so I fed her some milk. But when I kept hearing her voice, these lustful cries, it clicked me. The cat is in heat. 😐 


She has been crying, calling out for a mate, for days. Horny bitch! And tonight, I heard not the-horny-calling-out-for-a-mate-cry but I-am-having-multiple-orgasms-cry. So, I put my ear to the window and confirmed after hearing two different frequency sounds that she is getting her world rocked. So, this lady, is getting some and I am not. :-/

Yes, I know… I know… This sounds sad and pitiful. 😦 And may be also a little awkward moment-y and funny. πŸ˜› “The Awkward Moment When Your Cat Is Getting Some And You Are Not” πŸ˜›

So, while the lady was getting some action, I recorded the noises. (Yes, I am a perv πŸ˜› ) The recording is with .aac extention and if you too are a perv like me, and want to listen to it, then please tell me how convert the .aac format to something that can be uploaded here. πŸ˜‰

And yeah, after I totally got that what exactly was happening outside my window, my baby brother enters my room and the conversation goes like:

Brother: Are not we hearing a lot of weird noises from the street these days?

I: What noises?

The cat cries.

Brother: Listen to this one. Some guy is playing with a baby.

Me, trying to muffle my laugh.

I: That is not a baby. It’s the cat.

Brother: Confused.Β Why would a cat sound like that? It’s the baby!

I: Deciding to keep him in dark and enjoy this a little.Β Yes, may be it’s a baby and the kidnapper.

Brother: Amused.Β You are crazy.

LOL. I laughed so hard after he left. πŸ˜›

Hopefully, it will soon dawn on him too. πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you too had a chance (accidental or intentional) to witness or hear animal sex, please share here in comments. πŸ˜‰Β 


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