The Burning Rain

3 AM, I woke up all alarmed.

Was it the clock, the nightmare or

the bang on my door?

Was it the deafening storm?

It was not the soothing kind,

unraveling my mind.

Raging the war,

running a havoc.

Trees broke from the roots,

the buildings dismantled.

Roads got blocked,

the current circuiting short.

The cloud’s uproar,

matching my heart’s furor.

Oh! How the weather depicts

my hearts conflict.

As the rain poured,

it’s relentless lore.

Your memories rush in

causing the mind spin.

It took me to the good times,

when your kisses felt like rain drops.

Your hugs like a cool breeze,

the soothing voice putting me to ease.

You held my world,

in you I furled.

Holding me intact,

you were perfect.

As the thunderstorm

shattered the glass panes,

it took me to the

times full of pain.

With every rain,

with every season change,

the love for you

bounded me in chains.

The rains were no more soothing,

there were no soft drizzles left.

All there were just hurricanes

and tsunamis to take the test.

As many died in the superstorm,

we too failed the test.

We were like the deflated boat,

drowned without protest.

As the rain retracts,

biding a good bye.

Leaving some longing for more,

some praying no more.

A blanket of silence is spread,

leaving us all in distress.

A feeling of numbness,

a state of stillness.

No more rains, No more thunder,

what’s more to come, I wonder.

My heart is closed, the walls are intact,

but now I feel a crack, in my chest.



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