Green is to life.









I have always been a lover of colors. I just love colorful things. I have no favorites to pick. Every color signifies something. Every color means something to someone. they may mean a moment, an emotion, a thing, a feeling, or a person. Sometimes even an abstract thing. It could be anything. It’s a game of mind to sometimes relate a very non-relatable thing to something even more non-relatable. (I don’t know if it made any sense πŸ˜› )

It just works different for different people and sometimes it just doesn’t work at all. Like blue can be anything sad or gloomy and sometimes it can mean clarity, a good day or may be “it’s a boy”. πŸ˜‰ So, this way any color can mean anything to a person depending on the mood or situation.

But i don’t know why, it is just me or what, Green always signifies LIFE for me. Something vibrant, vivid and growing. Something fresh, glossy and full of living.Β 

So, Earthlings, these pictures of Mother Nature are just “Green is to Life” for me. πŸ˜‰ Hope y’all will like them. ❀

β€œI rose from marsh mud
algae, equisetum, willows,
sweet green, noisy
birds and frogs.”
― Lorine Niedecker



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