You know all my secrets Mr. Moon. 🌚


Gone are the times when we saw the moon every night. I have not seen it or the stars for many years. There was a time we used to sleep on our rooftops or on lawns with mosquito net, revolving fans. We saw the moon in all its phases, from a crescent to full moon, and then to moonless. We saw Venus and the Pole Star and the plough. And could tell the time without checking our watches. Now, all that is in the past. 😦
The Moon has always been my loyal friend. It’s always there, watching, listening, knowing all my secrets, my dark and light moments, just making me happy. It never leaves. Just like me, it’s sometimes weak or strong, dull or bright, alone or full of light, uncertain and cratered by imperfections.
Even if I’m forgotten, the Moon remembers. It still shows up every night, hoping for a reunion.



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