The Earthquake

And it keeps going on,

faster than before.

Racing one another,

pushing more further.

Our dreams and wishes,

are doubling the height of the Everest.

Never satisfied,

the greed is endless.

Planning one day like this,

and the next month like that.

We have the whole year planned,

the whole life is programmed.

Every second is chalked out.

Some plans made, some got cancelled.

Smiling and laughing,

deluded in our own world.

Exploiting the gifts, given by the nature.

Disrespecting the Mother Earth and it’s stature.

Harassing the poor, the weak is wrecked.

Drowning and drowning, keeping nothing in check.

Lost and hidden,

we keep ourselves from above.

For how long could he forgive us,

he sees all, who would have thought?

Blinded by ego,

distracted by mind.

Lead by the worldly desires,

ending in the ball of fire.

We pushed him to put his foot down,

the world shook in his wrath.

Everything built and planned,

came crushing down with a crack.

Cries and grief,

is all that one could see.

Only by reaching the edge,

we regret the act of hedge.

The time has passed,

the moment is lost.

There is nothing to be done,

now, when he has taken the most.

Just remember this day,

this second, this moment.

Write it down in your notepad,

mark it down as a reminder.

He is there,

he is the truth.

Nothing could be bigger,

or powerful than he should.



8 thoughts on “The Earthquake

  1. Poetry! I am so glad you poured your heart out and every line you wrote was true and incredible like simply wow! How did you do it ? Tips ? 😛


    • I am a little overwhelmed by your comment. I am very new to this. I am still learning and trying.
      I just write out whatever I feel. I struggle to put it into right words and I think this struggle goes on for life. You can never put what you are exactly feeling, it’s hardly 20% of it that you are actually able to put into paper.
      I am just delighted that you liked it. I wrote it the day that earthquake happened in Nepal. I was feeling a lot of things that time and this is all what I was able to put into paper.
      Thank you so much for the generous comment, again. It means a lot to me. 🙂


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