Cherishing Friendship. 👭👭

They judge us by listening to half of our conversations… We don’t see them. πŸ’

They laugh at us when we scream in changing rooms holding about 10 shirts each n exchanging them, Β trying em out & deciding our buy… We don’t notice them. πŸ’

They stare, they ogle, they call, try to get our attention… We are too busy to care. πŸ’

Busy talking about our lives, mistakes, funny moments n realizing how blessed we are to have each other to share such special moments.

We order large fries, extra cheese toppings, healthy salads (to compensate :P), subs, gelatos and lots of chocolate… They will never understand us. πŸ’

We can’t stop laughing, telling each other our faults and plus points holding nothing in our hearts but love n friendship… They don’t get us. πŸ’

We are lost in our world,

in the little bubble,

that no one can poke,

even if they stroke.

Containing four souls,

Three tangible and one in thought,

Holding nothing but care,

For the friendship they share. ❀

{ I wrote this while thinking about the beautiful day I spent with my beautiful friends a few days ago. I have known them all of my life. They are my strongest support system. ❀
Four of us cherish our long friendship of years and try to meet every few months to catch up and just to enjoy each other’s company.
One of us lives in New Zealand, whom we see after years but we always keep her in our thoughts. And the three of us are in same city, luckily.
I’ve collected all of my friends from years and every place I go. I have a huge circle of friends. They are my most precious possession. I just love them, a lot.
I will just say it, I am blessed with the best people in the world as my friends. And I mean it with all my heart. ❀
Cherish friendship! πŸ™‚ }



26 thoughts on “Cherishing Friendship. 👭👭

  1. Wow just beautiful I am so glad you’ve found good friends. The Bible says they stick closer than a brother(sister). I am happy they make you feel this way. Some people go through life without knowing this.

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