In the land of flying cockroaches and no WiFi. :(

Hello Lovers!! πŸ’“
Gosh! I miss blogging so much. I have so much to tell, so many stories to write, so many poems to complete and so much more people to know. πŸ’
My family is facing some troubles regarding the city change, transfers, some personal matters, tv channels, electrical equipments, cleaning, laptops, insects, cockroaches, Wi-Fi… you name it and that would be a problem we must be facing too. 😦
This whole last month, we actually were living on whiles with our life packed in tote bags, not knowing which city we will be next day. Uh huh..don’t get too excited, it was not that kind of trip, travel and adventure. It was actually kind of a hell for us. 😦 No permanent home. 😦
I lived in atleast 6 cities this past month and now we are all so tired of it. We are dragging our asses to get through one day to another. Sometimes four of us sharing a single room with the only air conditioner that is working. No privacy. 😦 No peace. 😦 No space. 😦
I hope it will be over soon, and I will be able to catch up on my writing.
The recent posts you see here, I scheduled most of them in advance for you guys, in case you missed me and I wanted to be active here too. πŸ˜‰
Right now, I am catching my neighbor’s WiFi to post this in a hurry. πŸ˜› So, pardon me if there are any mistakes. 😦
I couldn’t sleep last night at all because of this internal war of my confused mind about the right decision making. I need a lot of love and wishes here. This baby is crying her already swollen eyes out. 😭

Hope things get better soon, so I will be able to catch up with you guys.
Until then, spread all the love you have into this beautiful world. 😘
Happy blogging!



41 thoughts on “In the land of flying cockroaches and no WiFi. :(

    • These things are not intentional. I do love changes, but not a lot of them so soon. I need time to adjust to the new change and now this plethora of changes, all of a sudden, are too much to take. 😦
      I just crave stability now…for a while. 😦


  1. I can somewhat empathize with you. So sorry you’re going through this. My life was a crazy and up in the air for all of the first part of the year. Just now things are starting normalize.
    Hold tight sweetie. Hopefully just a tad bit more and things will come together.
    πŸ™‚ ❀

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