50 thoughts on “This world.

          • Not in the cynical sense that I take your statement to be; on the other hand, each of us carries around a constructed identity (as a social construct) which is removed from what one might term our authentic being, or ‘face’.


                • Isn’t trust a necessarily contextual thing, though? There are people I trust not to swipe my jacket when I’m at the bar, but I wouldn’t trust them to mind my house during a vacation. It’s not that the person is any better or worse, or that my trust is changing any, it’s just that in different lights the same figure looks different.

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                  • Well, everything is contextual Joseph; can you name something that is not? My point of contention is in part that there are some decent, honourable people in the world; in fact, in my experience (and context) there are a great many. To state, as the author appears to have done, that all of humankind is either hypocritical or untrustworthy, is simply not the case. We need to make a distinction between precisely what the author means by their contrarian claim, and our ontological condition as human animals, which necessarily gives rise to each individual creating a narrative construct which is in some sense a put up job, a sham, yet one that for evolutionary purposes has proved necessary. One need not be cynical about this unfortunate state of affairs, for to do so is akin also to being cynical about the fact that it rains, or that apples rot over time. Even those with a strong moral code, and who are trustworthy in all contexts, still are subject to a created sense of selfhood with which they navigate their social terrain; and yet this projective exterior, whilst we might call it a ‘second face’, does not by its presence connote something disreputable.

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                    • One can take this thing in a negative or positive way. When I wrote this, I was thinking about two faced people, who betray and lie.Β 

                      Don’t you think every person in this universe lives two or many personalities/faces. They are different with family, friends, lovers, strangers, kids etc. One who is kind to rich can be horrendous to poor or kind to family and vicious for strangers.Β 

                      All in all, this line just came to my mind when I was thinking about some people who are too kind and generous for the world but cruel towards the people close to them. Two-faced! Totally contrasting personalities.

                      That is all. πŸ™‚

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