A Memoir Of Love

❤ I really loved this one.

Shadow Of The Droplets

I didn’t knew my feelings whether I feel dejected or blessed when love of my life was lost. I’m surrounded by confusion all the time. Sometimes everything feels good and then after a few second, my mood swings like a boomerang. Sometimes it feels like negative feelings were going away from me but suddenly they changed direction and hit me again vigorously.

She knew every need of mine, felt like a necessity for her to fulfill it on time. My priorities overtook hers and her mine or you’d better say that I started doing my work on time. She used to love me at my grief. Her handmade gifts elated me to my utmost. Her self-invented dishes looks so yummy even when I knew they were not, but you made it by yourself and that was lovely, and allured me the foremost. She understood me at my worst. I was…

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