Happiness is… a niece. 👧👩


And she is four. Four! 

Has it only been just four years that you showed up with those lil toes, pink fluffy cheeks, and big black beautiful eyes staring right at us? That moment is the highlight of my life and always will be. Your beautiful tiny presence left us all spellbound with the curiosity and mischief you were looking at us. Starting from left to right, taking us in, your new family. 

We couldn’t wait for our turn to hold you into our arms but were also cautious as you were so tiny, soft and fragile. keeping our cameras ready to capture the gorgeous numerous smiles you showered us with, dressing you in cute lil shirts and doing everything in our power to keep you happy and moving. 😛 Coz you used to fuss when laid on bed, still. 😛

Day by day, week by week, month by month…we saw you growing, discarding the old clothes, buying the new ones. Buying matching hair ties, bands, necklaces and shoes. 

The best moments of you sucking on a raisin, yogurt or a chocolate, staining your face with it. 😛 And the death grip you kept on my hand to stop me from pulling it away from you.

I still remember the first time you giggled, in that very instant, it became my favorite sound in the whole wide world. And even now, I crave to listen to it everyday.

You just couldn’t wait to run around and be your own boss and so, in that hurry, you learnt to walk after just 9 months of being into this world.

And then, you turned one, 1.5, then two, 2.5, three, 3.5 and now, FOUR! (:P As many of you know we celebrate her 0.5th birthday too, every year 😉 ) I can’t even remember the time before you. It seems like you have always been a part of it, spreading your light. 

You are so sharp and talented. You never fail to amaze me with all the things you grasp and talk about. And I can’t be proud enough of my lil Angel whose presence makes my life even more beautiful. 💗

You are the owner of my heart’s largest piece.

I enjoy motherhood vicariously through you. Love playing with you, our storytelling ritual before sleep, teaching you things, feeding you your favorite butter and desi ghee praanthi, spoiling you with goodies, kissing those pink cheeks (my fav meal, when you are here :P), building blocks with you, sketching, teasing and everything. 🙂

I love you in your lil form, as you are more easy to catch and hold now 😛 but I can’t wait for you to grow up and read all the things your Maasi writes for you. 😀 Can’t wait for the more wonderful years to spend with you and watch you turn into this amazing human. 

Wish you a very happy fourth birthday, my Boogu. ❤💝❤ 


And many many congratulations to the proud parents.

Your daughter is the sunshine of our lives. 💛🌞💛

Maasi loves you the most. 😘


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