There was a zygote sometime ago,

Forming and developing, trying to grow.

Moving and kicking, taking it’s time,

It will be born on November Nine.

Tearing, screaming, sweating and smiling,

Her mother brought her out of the hiding.

For nine months in the protected shield,

Now she was exposed to the real deal.

Named her Katherina, brought up in Virginia,

Another boy just started school in Kenya.

Crawling and giggling, winning the hearts,

This girl was ready for her life to carve.

Grew up the Kenyan boy, facing the adversities,

He planned the move to America, away from the absurdities.

They both lived their lives, loving the flight,

One was white as snow and other black as night.

Fate played it’s role,

brought them together on a shared goal.

With a lip bite and an eye roll,

Kenyan boy found a missing hole.

Kat, Kat ,Kat was all he could recite,

Counting the minutes till she’s back in sight.

Her green eyes’s broke it’s shield of cold,

All it could see was a heart of gold.

Two King size beds were empty that night,

None could sleep, none wiped the smile.

Waiting for the sun, in the quiet,

to rise, shine and be bright.

She was color blind to black,

Only the grace was all that he lacked.

She still found him cute,

Even if he kept mute.

She was nervous as hell,

In love was all he fell.

Mesmerized with her beauty,

Keeping her happy was now his duty.

There was not a moment to miss,

And sealed the perfect day with a kiss.

They could hear the loud distant hiss,

But learnt to ignore, and bask in bliss.

Crowds gathered and people snickered,

Unaffected by the eyes, they continued to teeter.

Breaking the prejudice, taking the stride,

they traveled the world, riding the tide.


(This poem is inspired by this picture from Humans of New York. Β I have no idea where they are from, how they met or what their story is. But the picture and the memory from one of their travels is simply beautiful. πŸ™‚ )



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