The beautiful blogger award


I was nominated by ever so charming Ayushi Joshi, who can kill you with her cuteness, for ‘The beautiful blogger award‘. 😉 She is incredibly talented and funny. Check out her blog, you will thoroughly enjoy it. 😀


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you. 
  • List seven random things about yourself.
  • Nominate seven bloggers.

7 random facts about me:

I am a pathetic cook. I can’t cook or make bread for my life. Urgh! I don’t know. 😦 This really makes me sad sometimes and I already pity my future husband. 😛

The only hairdo I know is to keep my hair loose. 😛 I can’t braid or even know to put a hair tie properly. My hair reaches my waist, so they are pretty long and lush.
But I can do nothing to flaunt them. 😦

I can’t cut fruits too or infact anything. 😛 The way I attempt to cut them…oh.. 😛 It’s embarrassing. 🙈 A kid would never ever eat his fruits cut and peeled in such ludicrous shapes by me. 😿

I can be easily distracted. I have the weakest concentration ever manageable. 😦

I am learning a new language, Spanish, these days. 😉

I am going to publish atleast one book in my life. Even if it is the most ridiculous writing ever. Even if I will have to self publish it. Even if I would be knowing that no one would ever read or like that. But I will.
It’s my dream. To have atleast one published book and I am going to fulfill it. I know, a long way to go but I will get there…oneday. 🙂

Ah! The 7th fact is that I am finding it really hard to write. 😛 Talking or revealing facts about you is hard. 😓 Specially when most of them reveals your negative personality traits. 😛 I try to keep it classy but gosh, who am I kidding? 😛 The fact is fact. And no one is perfect, right? 😉

My nominees:
{I am breaking a rule here. 😉 }

I nominate all of you beautiful, incredible and talented followers who have given me so much in the last 6 months. It has been a splendid journey till now and hope it will be more awesomesauce in the future.
Your love and support is addicting. And I can’t thank y’all enough for all the compassion you showered.
You are all beautiful souls and you all matter. This planet is wonderful because of your presence. ❤
Much love :-*

❤ THANK YOU!!! ❤


34 thoughts on “The beautiful blogger award

  1. Congrats love!! hahah I loved the facts and believe I m the worst cook as well *handshakes in unison* 😀 and I dream abput publishing a book as well! !If only 😀

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