Is it unwise to be wise? Or is it wise to be unwise?

I ponder upon this question, a lil bit more and then finally get to the conclusion that I won’t be getting an answer to that anytime soon.


Sometimes, I react unwisely in a silly way on certain lil things but for big ones, I try to make the wisest decision by weighing everything, measuring the rights and the wrongs. Does it make any sense? Hmph.


I see some people, making big or small decisions by not pondering so much, just in the spur of the moment, giving in to their crazy heart desires, knowing that they are being weak and accepting the wrong for themselves, not respecting themselves enough (or at all 😐), not worrying about the future, etc etc etc. But isn’t it all what even the big wise people tell us? To be all those things and to do all those things.

But is it okay, to just accept the offer only because your stupid, weak, disrespectful heart wants so and degrade yourself? Like, make decisions that you know are wrong but you are still having a go at it, just because your heart desires so, you only believe in living in the moment, only to go with the flow.

When you know very clearly that everything is at odds, there is lil or no truth to it, its unworthy of trust, you have already being cheated upon by the same thing before, but do it only because of your weakness. Would you still do it? Or would you still let your close ones do it? Only because it is bringing a lil tiny bit of happiness to them for now, giving them a new hope, and may be, just may be, by a miracle or reeeeeeally good luck…things will change and it would actually turn into the happy ending they are searching for? Or, should one just talk to them once and let them learn their own lesson? But there should be a bar on the number of mistakes that one is allowed to commit, right? Or that person is incapable of learning anything from it.

Ah! I don’t know. It was just something on my mind. And I am just rambling here.

I think I have become too wise now. I think a lot. Weigh everything a lot. Respect myself a lot. Don’t take even a tiniest bit of crap from anyone. Don’t fall for empty words. And now, if I see someone, especially someone close to me for whom I care a lot, I get upset if they don’t do the same. Some are even older than my age but act like a toddler 😀. Have made enough mistakes but haven’t learnt at all from them.

I sometimes don’t believe my eyes and my ears when they are doing all those naive things or say all those sillyΒ things in front of me. I am like…have you learnt nothing? Why give into desire like that? For all wrong reasons. Why not search for the truth? Or work on yourself first and trust me, a lot of improvement is needed in that department.


I mean just think, at least try to do the right thing. Learn from your experiences. Don’t be so naive. Make your heart stronger. Have some will power and above all, respect yourself and love yourself. Don’t let yourself stoop even a bit. Know what you don’t deserve. Don’t accept everything easily. Be hard on yourself because it’s you. It. Is. You. And you have to have the best. The best thing! Or at least the right thing. No question should rise in your head while thinking about the best. You are choosing the best because you are sure of the best. And the best is what would really make you happy and deserve all your effort.


Or may be…just go with the flow, be in the spur of the moment, give in to your weak heart and just wait for the blunder or a miracle to happen. πŸ™€Β  Isn’t this is how some reeeeeally lucky people get their happy ending and only the unlucky ones, like me, fall into the abyss of regret like this?

Or are they just accepting the wrong things because they are addicted to pain, have no control, believe in impossible miracles, like to take and give unlimited chances or are plain stupid?

I just believe that if you don’t do all this, sometime later in your life, you will regret it. I don’t know for being wise or for being unwise, but you will.

So, the question still stands…Is it unwise to be wise? Or is it wise to be unwise?



29 thoughts on “Is it unwise to be wise? Or is it wise to be unwise?

  1. Great post and love your thoughts about this…while I could say both are true, I think it is always “wise to be unwise” as every now and then it is important to throw caution into the wind and take a great chance (especially if it is something your heart desires) ~ and to do so wisely.

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  2. People often believe the end justifies the means but most of us don’t really look to where the end honestly exists. Human beings tend to think – Okay, I got what I wanted. This is the end. The truth is that it might be only the beginning of the end. Sorry, that doesn’t answer your question but you got me thinking πŸ™‚

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    • I understand what you are trying to say. But choices like that will only make them happy for a while even though deep in their heart they’s a wrong choice. But it’s their addiction and weakness that they can’t fight and lose to the overpowering negativity. They do sure regret it all later.

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  3. I think the safe thing you can choose is to be wise as always even when do so to be unwise. The wise comes first as you have a clear thinking on what you want to do next. The unwise part should just to avoid the worse consequence.

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  4. It is wise to be unwise when the situation calls for wisdom against all things. It is unwise to be wise when one is speaking out of turn or off tangent. My humble views of how I choose wisdom or remain intelligently obtuse when I deem fitπŸ˜‰

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    • Oh thank you so much, Sheldon. I was just taking it out of my system. Just blurted out whatever I had to say…didn’t even reread it to see if it even made any sense. πŸ˜›
      But now, you saying that means a lot. Thanks.
      I will go by your words. Will do what will seem right for me. πŸ™‚


  5. I’d say it is good to be “wise” when making decisions but “unwise” if you must garner wisdom from someone else who is better at something in order to be “wiser”. Although i’d say better to learn from the mistakes of others especially if it is a costly mistake to make. Hope i am making sense here…just trying to share my thoughts. Great thoughtful post!

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    • You totally do. And thank you. πŸ™‚ I agree with you on all points.
      May the wisdom be with us. πŸ™‚
      I think I take life and everything seriously and I am not at all a careless person. Not in an over aggressive way but I just am a cautious, logical and precautionary person. Who learns from mistakes and avoid making as many as I can. In matters of life n love, I am not silly. So, to see much elder people in my life making such mistakes or performing such irresponsible actions, irritates the hell out me nad makes me wonder…have they learnt nothing? It can’t be that they are making such mistakes for the first time but to keep repeating it and not learning at all…. is unwise.


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