Hello, Lovers !!!

A quaintrelle, clinomaniac, nyctophiliac, pluviophile, poet in making, writer in making, chocolaterian, turtle lover, dreamer, Libran, book-whore — these are a few terms with which I would define me. 😉

a few steps short of the finish line and a few lines shy of the perfect rhyme…

Finally after a lot of prodding from numerous sources I have finally decided to start a blog.
So here I am. 😀
Diary writing is not for me. 💁 Also it is a little scary thought too. What if someone (whom I hate or may be the things, good or bad, are written about that particular person in it? Damn..dreading ..isn’t it?) gets his/her hands on it and now know all the dark, twisted, funny n awkward thoughts that keep running in my mind? It’s mortifying to even think about this. 😳 It’s not that I never tried it. I did. Trust me I did. But I tore it n burnt the pages every time because of the phobia of someone else getting his hands on it. 😦 Yeah, I am twisted like that.
But a girl gotta vent. Don’t you think? Or one day I might explode with all the things that I just wanted to take out …somewhere…But couldn’t… 😦 So, that would be pretty tragic too. Don’t you think?
Keeping all this in mind. What is better than a blog? May be I will find some like minded people here. 🙂 People who share the same problems that I have or feel the same things that I do. And if they don’t….may be they can help me sort out mine. 😉 So, it’s a win win…. for me.
Blogging really helps in improving one’s writing and also with the expression. And as I am an aspiring writer to be.. it’s going to be kind of a learning experience for me too. 🙂
I just think there is so much that I want to say sometimes or want to share with people. I am kind of an introvert. I hardly open to people. I mean I have a huge circle of friends, who love me with all my heart and really encourage me to write. So, I guess this blog is for them. 🙂 But this blog is going to be anonymous because I am a shy girl. Just shy to let people read my brain. N here, only my brain will be doing all the talking so…. Hope you understand. 😘
It’s just there are some things about which you can’t talk openly. It could be about any simple or complex issue or just my everyday venting. 😛 I just don’t want to worry about what people will think of me… an intellectual, amateur, silly, stupid, cool or whatever. It’s just decided. This blog is going to be a home for my random thoughts n opinions n venting. 😛
And also I will be posting some poetry (some written by me n some pieces which I love with all my heart), pictures, food pictures, book/movie reviews or recommendations (as I am a proud book-whore and also I will be blogging about my obsession with book boyfriends :P) and stuff like that. And I hope you enjoy it.
So, I guess this is all for now. Thank you, Earthlings for reading this. You all matter. Just remember this. Let me know what you think in the comment box ( if anyone is reading this).

Much love:


Here are some random facts about me. 🙂

PS Check my goodreads, Twitter n Instagram account to check the books I have read and the poetry n musings I have written. 🙂

You’re always welcome to drop a “HELLO” or a little message whenever you want and I’ll do my ace to get back to you as soon as I can. ❤

Email : poetryandchocolateandbooks@gmail.com

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