Thank you notes :D

Hello, Lovers!

This page is all about a million thanks and big appreciations for your thoughtfulness of remembering and including me for the nominations of these prestigious awards and other challenges, which I treasure with all my heart . 😀
Y’all are too kind and nice.
Again, thank you all for your generosity. I am blessed to have met such an awesome community of bloggers, here.

Sometimes, I get nominated for the same award twice, thrice or more times. Or challenged to complete a task more than one time. I was thinking about what to do about it.
Was posting about the same thing again and again right? But it would not be fair to not to personally thank the person who thought of nominating you too. That would be rude, right?
So, I thought of forming this page, just for the thank you notes. 😀
I will still be doing all the awards and challenges because I love them. They get me all very excited and jumpy. 😉 I will just not be posting about the awards/challenges that I have already done but will do post a thank you note for the nominator. 🙂


❤ ❤ ❤




Nominated by: 

Ayushi Joshi


Toutons Tubas and Other Tales


Nominated by: 




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